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Boho Theatre at Heartland Studio, Chicago, IL
Scenic Designer: Michael Lewis
Lighting Designer:  Aaron Lichamer
Costume Designer:  Emma Cullimore
Technical Director:  Michael Sanow
Director:  Charles Rifffenburg
Photographer:  Amy Boyle

"The scenic design by Michael Lewis does a lot within a minimalist scope to create an otherworldly atmosphere in which a cold, industrial landscape is colored with the evocative touch of lost love letters; and the imaginative choreography, designed by Melissa McNamara, complements this minimalist design by having the actors’ graceful movements capture what a set simply cannot, such as Eurydice’s fall in the Underworld."

"Director Charles Riffenburg aligns this production to embrace strange angles and human body formations. Those of us in the audience are so close to the action that it can feel uncomfortably inclusive. If we are not complicit in every characters’ mistakes and hardships, then we are at least confined, right alongside them in a grey, industrial underworld."

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