The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

Red Theater Chicago at Strawdog Theatre Company, Chicago, IL

Scenic Designer/Properties Designer/Charge Artist: Michael Lewis

Lighting Designer:  Charlie Blunt

Costume Designer:  Hailey Rakowiecki

Projection Designer:  Brian Laurie

Director:  Jeremy Aluma

Technical Director:  Liam Fitzgerald

"Diaz sets his satire in and around an actual wrestling ring, authentically recreated here by scenic designer Michael Lewis, who also designed the props for the show."

"director Jeremy Aluma’s production puts us up close on three sides of Michael Lewis’ gritty wrestling-ring set."

"Scenic and props designer Michael Lewis has filled the space with a functioning ring (with a deck that transmits the thud of every body slam) and props that reinforce the illusion of the wrestling world."

"terrific set design including a full wrestling ring by scenic and props designer Michael Lewis"